Implementing “The Whitlock Test” to Control Spending

As your next Delegate, Eddie Whitlock will apply what he calls “The Whitlock Test” to every penny of state spending. The Whitlock Test is a series of three questions that any spending proposal must pass before Eddie will support it. If the proposal fails even one question, Eddie will oppose the proposal. The three questions are:

  1. Is the spending for a core function of government like public safety, education or roads?
  2. Is the spending for something that government does more efficiently than the private sector?
  3. Is the spending at the lowest appropriate level with all waste and redundancy removed?

Holding Down Taxes

Eddie Whitlock believes higher taxes hurt families, make it harder for businesses to succeed, kill jobs and undermine the American dream. As your next Delegate, Eddie will oppose any effort to raise taxes and he will push to reduce taxes across the board. Eddie opposes giving tax breaks to special interests or using the tax code to pick winners or losers in the economy.

Cutting Job-Killing Regulation

Eddie Whitlock believes that state government overregulation kills jobs and makes it harder for Virginia businesses to compete in today’s global marketplace. As your next Delegate, Eddie will fight to limit regulation to common-sense rules of the road that ensure everyone is playing on a safe and level playing field. He will oppose any effort by government to use regulation as a way to put its thumb on the scale for any special interest or business.

Defending Your Liberty

Eddie Whitlock believes that government must respect and uphold every right enshrined in the Virginia and U.S. Constitution. As your next Delegate, Eddie will oppose any legislation that would reduce your freedom, your liberty or impinge on any of your constitutional rights. Eddie believes that the role of government is to maximize your liberty, not infringe on it.

Giving Parents the Widest Range of Education Options

Eddie Whitlock believes that every child in Virginia deserves access to world-class public schools but also believes that parents should have the widest range of education options because one-size-fits-all academics do not work for every child. As your next Delegate, Eddie will support expanded school choice options that make alternatives to public schools more available and accessible to students, including homeschooling, parochial schools, virtual schools, charter schools, and private schools.

Fighting ObamaCare

Eddie Whitlock believes ObamaCare has been disastrous and that Virginia should not expand it any further. As your next Delegate, Eddie will oppose any effort by to implement ObamaCare’s unaffordable Medicaid expansion.

Preserving the Second Amendment

Eddie Whitlock believes that every law-abiding Virginian has the Constitutional right to own and carry a firearm if they choose. As your next Delegate, he will oppose any effort to restrict the gun rights of law-abiding citizens and he will work to defend the Second Amendment.

Protecting the Right to Life

Eddie Whitlock believes that life begins at conception and must be protected. As your next Delegate, Eddie will stand up for the rights of innocent life and protect the unborn and be a strong voice in defense of the lives of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration

Eddie Whitlock believes that the federal government should do its job enforcing the nation’s immigration laws, not rewarding those who break the rules. As your next Delegate, Eddie will push local and state law enforcement to work with federal agencies to help detain those who have crossed the border illegally. He knows that it is an insult to legal immigrants who followed the law to come here if we allow those who come here illegally to be rewarded for their actions.